Is Solar Panel Roof Damage Possible?

solar panel roof damageHomeowners may consider home improvements as part of a New Year’s resolution. Some ideas may include the addition of solar panels. Sure, this is a great investment for reducing energy use. However, some people worry about the possibility of solar panels roof damage. Is this a legitimate concern?

How Solar Panels May Damage the Roof

Solar panels won’t damage the roof, assuming that installation is done by a reputable company. Of course, this doesn’t mean damage doesn’t ever happen. One concern is that the weight of the panels can wear the shingles.

The typical solar panel is made from a combination of silicon, wiring, antireflective coating, and mounting hardware. The panels as a whole don’t weigh a whole lot, usually about four pounds per square-foot. Unless the residential roof is already in disrepair, the additional weight will not harm the roof.

Solar Panel Fires

What about fires? Solar panels, after all, do absorb heat; too much heat does lead to thermal expansion in some roofs. Can this cause a roof fire? Solar panels actually cool the rooftop since they provide a barrier between the sunrays and roof surface. Modern panels must also undergo numerous fire and electrical safety inspections before approval for distribution.

What About the Warranty?

Some homeowners expressed concern that installing solar panels will void the shingles’ warranty. Technicians actually mount the panels to the roof underneath and not directly on the shingles. Since this has no bearing on the shingles themselves, the warranty should still be in effect.

Inspect the Roof Before Solar Panel Installation

You can install solar panels on just about all roof types, including commercial roofs, provided that the roof is in good condition. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing for a pre-solar panel installation inspection. Our services include roof structural surveys. This ensures the solar panels won’t damage the roof.

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