Roof Repair or Recover: Which is Right for Your Commercial Property?

roof repair or recoverCommercial roofs are exceptionally sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t require periodic inspections. Usually, when the roof requires servicing, the inspector will recommend a roof repair or recover.

Roof Repair and Recover Explained

A roof repair is pretty straightforward. However, hardly anyone has ever heard of a roof recover. Here’s the difference at a glance.

Roof Repair

We may recommend a roof repair due to the presence of minor damage that doesn’t warrant an entire roof replacement. A repair is usually the best option when the membrane is still in good shape and has not exceeded its life expectation. Repairs may include minor fixes, such as sealing areas with worn or exposed flashing.

Roof Recover

What is a “recover”? This is the process of placing a new roof membrane over an existing one. This is normally done when the membrane is worn but the insulation is otherwise in good condition. Keep in mind, though, that you can only recover a roof once. With the process, you may be eligible for new warranty options. A roof recover is especially effective for increasing insulation during the winter.

What About a Replacement?

What warrants an entire roof replacement? We usually recommend a roof replacement when an inspector estimates at least 25% of the structure is damaged. A replacement may also be in order if the insulation is badly worn, or if the owner wants an extensive renovation with up-to-date roofing materials.

These rules of thumb, by the way, more or less apply to residential roofs as well.

We Repair, Recover, and Replace Roofs

At some point, your commercial roof will require servicing. Contact Urbizo Bros Roofing for an inspection or survey. Our evaluation will determine what needs to be done. Our service includes roof repairs and recover, as well as a full roof teardown and replacement.

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