Do You Need Walk Pads for Your Commercial Roof?

walk padsWe recommend walk pads for commercial roofs with HVAC systems and other roof-installed units. Don’t have walk pads? Consider installing them before the next HVAC/utility inspection. The pads will prolong the life of your roof by preventing damage.

What Are Walk Pads?

Walk pads come in rolls and are made of the same materials as the roof. We install them as part of our additional roof service. The pads provide a stepping surface for maintenance workers and a place to set their tools. Without them, workers may cause punctures or other damage to the roof membrane with their hard-soled shoes or sharp-edged tools.

Roof inspectors know to use walk pads to protect the roof during their own maintenance work. However, other types of workers, such as HVAC technicians, solar panel installers, and cable satellite crews must be educated. They’ll treat the roof as a sidewalk and haphazardly leave their tools everywhere.

Installation Done the Right Way

Walk pads need to be installed in a certain way. We don’t recommend covering the entire roof area in walk pads. That’s too expensive and may also inhibit the flow of water runoff.

We recommend installing walk pads that create the shortest path from point A to point B. This provides a clear path of travel. The pads are like stepping stones that direct people to walk that path instead of stepping over the grassy lawn.

In some instances, we may also recommend high density cover boards in lieu of walk pads. The former also prevent punctures and are right for flat roofs with multiple HVAC units and other serviceable machines.

We’ll Fortify Your Roof with Walk Pads

Call Urbizo Bros Roofing to fit your roof with Walk Pads. We highly recommend walk pads for commercial and even some residential roofs to protect the surface from human traffic.

Walk Pad Installation for Commercial Roofs

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