How to Clean a Skylight Interior

clean a skylightMother Nature cleans the skylight exterior every time it rains. You don’t need to climb on your roof or ascend a ladder with a squeegee in hand. The interior portion, however, is up to you. We recommend that you clean a skylight’s interior every two to three months. We’ll explain the optimal way to do this.

What You Need

You need a mixture of mild soap and water. A 50/50 solution will suffice in most cases. If you’re cleaning a kitchen skylight, however, then you may want to consider a greater ratio of soap to effectively remove the buildup of grease.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners or cleaning cloths that can damage the plastic skylights or wear the reflective coating. You should especially avoid Windex or any cleaners with alcohol or petroleum if you have a plastic skylight.

You will need a mop or squeegee with an extendable handle. You can also improvise by duct taping a handheld squeegee to the end of a broom handle or painter’s extension pole.

Cleaning the Interior of a Skylight

Begin by removing any furniture directly below the skylight. Then place a plastic drop cloth or towels underneath. Wipe from the highest point and move downwards if the skylight is positioned at an angle.

Follow up by wrapping up a lint-free towel around the mop or squeegee and wipe away drips along the edges. A cotton towel is best.

Cleaning the skylight is also a good time to inspect the unit for damages to the glass itself or worn caulking along the edges.

Don’t Have a Skylight?

Of course, you need a skylight in order to clean one. Urbizo Bros Roofing does skylight installations for residential and commercial roofs as part of its additional services. Cleaning a skylight interior will increase its appeal and improve the natural lighting.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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