How to Select a Shingle Color for Your Roof

shingle colorMost shingles last upwards of 30 years. This is why it’s important to be absolutely satisfied with your shingle selection. Don’t forget that the roof also influences the overall curb appeal. Aside from the material, you also need to decide on a shingle color. Here are a few recommendations for a residential roof.

Shingle Color Ideas

Shingle color selection depends largely on the color of the rest of the home. We recommend staying away from colors that closely match the hue of the siding or brick walls. A single, uniform color creates a lifeless and monotone palette scheme.

One recommendation is to select a shingle color that matches an existing secondary color. The color of the shutters or trim would be an example of a secondary color. One color combination that we particularly like is Antique Brown or Rainforest Green for the shingles and other secondary areas. This provides a nice balance when the walls have a neutral color like light gray.

Some homeowners may prefer a stronger contrast. In that case, a shingle color like Midnight Black will work well for a home exterior with mostly light neutrals.

As a rule of thumb, if the home exterior already has three or more colors (i.e. white siding with green shutters and brown gutters), then stick to a toned-down color, such as beige. Too many color varieties on a single home can overwhelm the eyes.

You can visit our gallery to see examples of shingle colors and how they complement the home.

We Offer Shingles of all Colors

Give Urbizo Bros Roofing a call if you’re having your roof replaced or having a roof installed on a newly built home. Though less applicable for commercial roofing, you may also be able to select a roof color for your place of business. For homeowners, though, shingle color is important because it directly impacts curb appearance.

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