Common HVAC Roofing Problems

HVAC Roofing ProblemsMany facilities have the HVAC system located on the roof. Sure, this means a cool building interior that will keep the staff and customers happy. However, the very presence of the system can also be detrimental to the roof’s integrity. Learn what causes the common HVAC roof problems and how you can prevent them.


Pooling water can cause a leak and premature wear of the roofing material. Most HVAC systems utilize water that heats up and evaporates into the air. However, with a faulty unit, the water may simply pool to the floor. The HVAC unit should have a discharge system in place that directs excess water to the nearest roof drain.

Human Traffic

HVAC technicians are not roofers; they’re not trained to look out for the welfare of the roof. The crew can unknowingly damage the roof by tossing tools around or walking in areas not designed to handle foot traffic. Whenever you bring in an HVAC technician to do maintenance, it’s best to also bring in a commercial roofer and have the two coordinate. A roofer may, for example, install walkpads around the HVAC unit to avoid wear and tear from foot traffic while the unit is being serviced.

HVAC Installation

It’s best to install the HVAC system during the construction of the roof. This makes it easier for both the HVAC technician and roofer to work together and ensure that the HVAC doesn’t inhibit the roof’s installation, and vice versa. It’s trickier to properly install an HVAC unit if the roof is already in place. An improperly installed system can lead to wind uplift at the separation site and cause the membrane to tear away.

We’ll Prevent Common HVAC Roofing Problems

Having an HVAC unit installed or serviced? Call Urbizo Bros Roofing to have a roofer work with the technician. Check out our gallery to see our past work and the other services we do for Mukilteo homes and businesses. We’ll ensure that HVAC roofing problems are a non-issue by guiding the technicians during their installation or maintenance work.

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