The 3 Types of Residential Roof Skylights

Roofing Skylight Types │ Mukilteo │ Urbizo Bros RoofingSkylights are a stylish addition to any home. Not only do they increase curb appeal, but they also improve energy efficiency. Other benefits include reducing lighting cost and providing natural light in low-lit areas. Residential roofers typically provide and install three types of roof skylights, each with its own unique characteristics and visual appeal.

Fixed Skylights

As suggested in its name, a fixed skylight is just that: a skylight with a window in a fixed and non-adjustable position. These are ideal for any room needing additional light. Homeowners also have options between flat and dome-shaped windows.

Tubular Skylights

Tubular skylights are ideal for enclosed spaces, such as closets, foyers, and hallways. The tubular shape of the glass is beneficial in the sense that it does not contribute to heat loss or gain. Depending on the model and type of glass/plastic used, the circular shape provides natural lighting equivalent to an incandescent bulb consuming between 300 and1450 watts of power.

Vented Skylights

These are similar to fixed skylights except the window can be opened for ventilation. Rooms with excess moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are excellent candidates for this type of skylight. Both manual and electric opening mechanisms are available for this type of window.

Other Considerations

Aside from the skylight type, the homeowner can select from a variety of glass and plastic coverings known as the glaze. Glazing is usually made from some form of acrylic and may be coated or laminated. Different coatings and laminations are available for improving insulation, limiting UV ray penetration, and controlling heat transmission.

We Install All Types of Roof Skylights

If you want more natural lighting for your home, then contact Urbizo Bros Roofing. Our services include skylight installation; it’s our bread and butter just as much as our residential and commercial roofing service. We offer all three types of roof skylights complete with a range of various coatings to provide optimal functionality and aesthetics.

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