Watch Out for Storm Chasers

urbizo-8The Seattle area isn’t exactly known for severe thunderstorms. Nevertheless, they do occur from time to time. There was, in fact, quite a strong storm in early 2015 that included heavy hail. In the aftermath of a storm, homeowners need to be on the lookout for storm chasers.

Who Are Storm Chasers?

No, these aren’t the dare-devilish men and women who closely film dangerous storms. “Storm chasers,” in this sense, are people who disguise themselves as residential roofers and offer to fix your roof at an extremely low cost. They may also offer other services, such as straightening your gutters or repairing damaged siding.

Storm chasers normally prey on a city right after it has been hit by a storm. They may even claim to operate locally and have a local address. Sometimes, they purchase the name of a defunct roofing company.

They typically go door to door and calculate an estimate based on the square footage of your roof. If you give them the green light, they will begin immediately to address any damages. Here’s the problem: they only do the bare minimum to put on a cheap new roof. Typically, the job they do will only last five to seven years. By the time homeowners realize they were scammed, the storm chaser is long gone and the company has changed its name and address.

How to Spot a Storm Chaser

First of all, keep in mind that a legitimate company like Urbizo Bros Roofing will never go door-to-door. If a supposed roofer comes knocking on your door, ask to see proof of insurance. The person should also be able to show his license, which you can cross check with Mukilteo’s local building department.

If your roof sustained damage in a storm, give us a call instead of relying on a door-to-door roofer. We also do commercial roofing for local businesses. Never agree to a storm chaser’s repair service if he can’t submit proof of operating a legitimate business.
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