4 Benefits of Bitumen for Commercial Roofing

urbizo-roofing-6Bitumen is a common option for commercial facilities and warehouses with a flat or shallow-angled roof. Bitumen is made from synthetic rubber that is welded to a single roofing membrane. There are numerous benefits of bitumen roofing, and it’s a popular form of commercial roofing due to its durability.

Four Reasons Why Bitumen Roofing Is Beneficial


1. It Performs Well in Cold Weather

Bitumen roofing performs exceptionally well in extremely cold weather. The material remains flexible even when it’s below freezing. This prevents the material from cracking or leaking. Granted, it doesn’t get super cold in Mukilteo, but it’s a nice reassurance to have.

2. Lower Your Energy Bill

White roofing is becoming a huge trend. This is basically any type of roofing that uses a light-colored surface with heat-reflective properties. This means it won’t retain heat on a sunny day, thus keeping the interior cool. Bitumen often comes in a light color for this benefit.

3. Easy Installation

Traditionally, bitumen required a labor-intensive, heat treatment method during application. Nowadays, there are cold-adhesive options that are practically self-adhering. Application is simple; you just unroll the bitumen over the roof membrane as you peel off the back. This doesn’t mean that it’s a DIY job, but the relatively easy installation means lower labor costs.

4. It’s Recyclable

Bitumen roofing has a lifespan of about 15 years, though this can be increased with regular inspections. Nevertheless, when its natural life comes to an end, the material is recyclable. By opting for bitumen, you are also doing a good deed for the environment as the material won’t eventually end up in a landfill.

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Let Urbizo Bros Roofing install bitumen over your facility if the building is due for a renovation. In some cases, we even apply bitumen for residential roofing. Our specialties are extensive and also include other roof-related services. The benefits of bitumen roofing speak for themselves, so consider the upgrade for your commercial building.
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